Parenzana was a narrow gauge railway which connected Trieste with Porec, operating from 1902 until 1935 and was eliminated due to unprofitability, because of cheaper and faster road transportation. 

Project Parenzana II: The renewal of the route of health and friendship (from 09/2009 to 03/2012) is direct sequel of the project PARENZANA I: The route of health and friendship (from 04/2006 to 06/2008).

Owing to the excellent results of the previous two projects and the importance of Parenzana as an artery of tourism development in northwestern Istria, the Parenzana project was applied again under the Operational Programme IPA Slovenia-Croatia 2007-2013, with the name of Parenzana Magic


Lighted tunnels Freski and Kostanjica

Increased Parenzana users safety


MTB Parenzana

19.10.-21.10.2018. Poreč, Vižinada, Funtana, Vrsar, Tar-Vabriga, Grožnjan 

International MTB race


Exhibition of photographs

Museum Lapidarium, Veliki trg 8a, Novigrad

Duration: 14/09/2018 - 07/10/2018

Exhibition open: 14/09/2018 at 7 pm at Museum Lapidarium


Note: Due to rough surface in some places, the trail is suitable for mountain bikes, but not for road and trekking bikes. Bike riding on Parenzana is at your own risk.